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  • How do I use the diffusers?
    Really simple to use & beautiful to look at, these ceramic diffusers work much the same as lava beads. Drip a drop or two of essential oil onto each piece & let it soak in. Kick back, inhale & relax.
  • How long does the smell last?
    This will depend on how intense the oil you use is. Usually the smell will last 2-3 days but sometimes it can be a week. The smell will fade over time & I like it that way, each piece will go on its own little journey. You can wipe them over with a damp cloth or give them a quick rinse if you feel the need but please make sure they're fully dried before adding more oil. They have been fired in a kiln so will never lose their shape.
  • How do I know which essential oil to use?
    Essential oils come from nature & have such positive potential, they should never replace conventional medicine but should certainly be used to complement it. Each one will hold certain properties, depending on the chemical constituents. The supplier should be able to answer all of your questions but if you'd like a specific blend made up for you then a qualified aromatherapist will be able to help you. If the oil you are looking at seems extremely cheap, then the chances are it hasn't come from the best source. There are things to consider, if you're on a medication then some oils can interact with it, if you're pregnant or breastfeeding then some oils will be contra-indicated, some oils are best suited to pets, others aren't. Please remember that you shouldn't take essential oils internally.
  • What are the benefits?
    Many home fragrance products are made with synthetic scents. They are often the stronger, longer lasting smells. Fragrance oil will give an excellent throw (area in which the fragrance can be smelt) but no benefits. The wonder of essential oils is that they're natural, obtained through distilation from plant material. This means that molecules (depending on their size) from the plants and flowers will be filtered through to the oil. The chemical constituents of each oil will contribute towards certain benefits that they may have on the body & mind. There is no need to use the synthetic fragrance when you have the real thing. Soy wax is both vegan & non-harmful to us. Traditionally used parrafin wax candles aren't so good for our health to inhale & so a soy wax candle with essential oils would be more preferable (but often more expensive) to a paraffin wax one which uses fragrance oils.
  • How do I plant my jewellery/button card?
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