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This is your

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relaxing face reflexology Southend-On-Sea

Very nice to meet you, I'm Katy


You deserve to slow down for a moment

Here at Temple Of Thyme, it's ALL about those much needed moments. A moment to rest. For your mind & soul to refresh. To nurture & nourish your body. Allow me to look after you.


How can it work for me? 

Clinical aromatherapy means using the effects of botanical oils & hydrosols to help support the body &/or mind through times of imbalance. Each oil has it's own chemical composition, which when blended together with other oils, can create a synergistic energy which not only benefits you naturally but also has a fabulous scent.


Reflexology is a touch therapy which involves stimulating certain points on the face or feet which correspond to points within the body. The result is both relaxing & balancing. Many clients fall asleep & combined with aromatherapy, it's a perfect way to help put a little harmony back into a busy or stressful lifestyle.

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Will my experience be the same each time?

An essential oil blend will be tailored to your physical & emotional needs each & every time you visit. This means that if the insomnia you are regularly facing leads you to break out in acne, we can create an oil which can help to relax your nervous system, but will also have antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties.

“I always arrive stressed out

by my week of work &

leave on cloud 9!

I would

recommend Katy to anyone.”


Facial Oil

“When I looked in the mirror later that evening I had less wrinkles, the treatment had

genuinely smoothed out my skin.”


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